It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! (Febreze giveaway)

I have been compensated by Febreze, but all opinions are my own. I have always been slightly obsessed with scents.  I could spend HOURS in a candle store (actually… I HAVE spent hours).  And, those candle parties that used to be the rage (do they still have those?) used to be dangerous to my credit cards.  And,  I never REALLY brought a paycheck home when I worked at Bath & Body Works.  I kind of worked for smelly lotions, gels, candles, and air-fresheners.

With the holidays here... I'm immediately attracted to all of the Christmasy scents.  Evergreen... spiced apple... Christmas cookies... gingerbread...peppermint.  I LOVE the smells of Christmas! (Heck... I love everything about Christmas.  The lights, the decorating, the gift giving, visiting Santa in Madison.  I love it all.)

Our cats love Christmas too.  They jump right into the middle of everything.  They make sure everything that comes into the house belongs to them.


You know what I don't want my house smelling like during all of our holiday festivities?  Emmett and Bailey!  We love our kitties and couldn't imagine life without them.  But with how obsessed I am with scents... the last thing I want my house (and Christmas) to smell like is the cats.

I was really excited when I was asked to try out one of the new Febreze Air Purifiers.  I love Febreze... and have used their fabric and carpet spray since it came out.  An air purifier is a new thing for me though.  I decided to put the air purifier in the "cat room" (aka the playroom or extra room upstairs).  It's the room with the litterbox... and the room that Emmett and Bailey get closed in at night.  Needless to say... it's not the freshest smelling room in the house... and the scent tended to waft out of that room as it would get closer and closer to little box changing day.  (ICK!).  At least, it WAS the least fresh smelling room.  Since putting this little quiet tower in the room it smells lovely in there.  I used the Linen & Sky scented insert... and set it to the lowest scent and lowest power.  The room just smells fresh and clean now.  So there is NO cat smell to spread to other rooms.  It's amazing!  So now... my Christmas will smell like Christmas!  Nothing like cat.  :)


The Accidental Housewife's Holiday Tips:

House Guest Prep. If you’re like our family, when the holidays roll around you find yourself with a packed house. Our basement and office are transformed into bedrooms for out of town guests. Before their arrival, I’ll turn on our Febreze Air Purifiers to make their rooms feel fresh and clean (without much work on my part!). It’s an easy way to remove dust particles and odor from the air, plus the gentle scent of Febreze makes their make-shift bedrooms smell scent-sational.

Are pet odors crashing your holiday party? As we head into the winter season, our furry friends start to spend more time indoors. As much as you might love snuggling up to your pup on a frosty day, the increase in pet odors and dander are an unwelcomed surprise. This is especially true when you’re trying to prep for a holiday get together. I like to use a Febreze Air Purifier to banish pet dander and those odors quickly and effectively. Febreze air purifiers trap up to 99% of airborne particles and help reduce odors, so the first thing your guests will notice are your decorations, not a stinky pet. Even better, the scent can be dialed-up or dialed-down to suit your preference.

Cinnamon and spice, but not all smells nice. As many a hostess will know, all of those hours preparing your holiday feast will leave some pretty overwhelming aromas in your kitchen. If you don’t want your guests to smell every ingredient before they even sit down to the table, run a Febreze Air Purifier in your kitchen a couple of hours before the party. The air purifier will trap odors like garlic, cheese, fish and other stinky smells in the pre-filter, helping to make your kitchen feel fresher and cleaner.


Thanks to Febreze... I'm giving a Febreze Air Purifier away to one of my readers!  Just comment below telling me where you think you might use a Febreze Air Purifier.

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