Dear Zoe,

You are constantly amazing us. Every day you seem to say something new, or do something we haven't seen before. For months and months Daddy keeps saying "we really need to write these things down". I always agree with him... but just haven't taken the time to make notes. I'm just so busy watching you grow, and I never want to miss something. You are just getting so very big so very quickly. Weren't you just born yesterday? How is it I'm starting to make plans for your second birthday party??? You will be 2 years old in just over a month. 2 whole years!

I have a lot of notes to catch up on. A lot of things we want to remember, so we can tell you how you would keep us laughing... keep us smiling... keep us on our toes... keep us amazed. So, this is how I've decided to do it (or at least try to). I know I won't be able to write everything down, but I'm hoping to capture some highlights. All of the things that make us love you so very very much.

I love you sweet girl,