Beat the Heat: Something Different this Summer

The heat is here and it looks to peak this Saturday at 99 degrees. Listen, it’s summer. I’m not going to bemoan sunshine because in the dead of January I was begging for it. But with the kiddos it gets complicated. I can only wrestle them to the ground so many times before sunscreen application takes a backseat. And while the Madison Pool is my splash zone of choice, sometimes I need to mix it up, especially in the heat.

This week and next I’m thinking of going outside of Madison to find some cool spots and surprising my girls with mini adventures.

Just because it’s summer doesn't mean we have to be outside all the time. I’m thinking we might wander over to Sky Zone in Pinebrook on Saturday to partake in Toddler Time from 9am-10am. This is a pretty affordable activity and something different for my jolly jumpers.

Genius Gems has been on my radar for awhile. During the weekdays in July adult admission is half off during certain hours. I have a builder on my hands so I think this might be a worthwhile investment for us.

I’m drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to Indigo at the Short Hills Mall. It has a super chill vibe and their kids section is out of this world. On Sunday, July 28th Indigokids is charging 25.00 per family for access to a music class presented by Rockness. They’re also throwing in a complimentary coffee and you know I love my coffee. The event runs from 10am-11am and you can browse before the store opens.

There’s so much to unearth when it comes to staying cool. Whether it’s free fun at the local library or busier and more costly adventures like the Liberty Science Center, it’s possible to beat the heat.