Be on the lookout for your Girl Scout Cookies!

  This morning over 2000 cases (cases...  not boxes!) of Girl Scout Cookies were delivered to the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps Building for the Madison/Harding Service Unit.  (Let me just say... that's a WHOLE LOT of Girl Scout Cookies!)  I spent my morning with a group of Madison and Harding troop leaders (about a dozen of us) and stacks and stacks of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles,  S'mores, Do-Si-Dos, and Trefoils (Toffeetastics will deliver April 1st!).


Amazingly, in under 4 hours hours, all of those cases were sorted by troop order, and ready for our local Girl Scout troop leaders to pick up.  By about 6pm tomorrow, all 2000+ cases will be picked up from MVAC.  I can't speak for all of the troops... but I can say that the plan for my 2 troops is to have the cookie orders sorted and into the hands of all of the individual Girl Scouts by Monday evening.

SO... if you made a cookie order from a Girl Scout recently... be on the lookout for your cookie deliveries!

AND... if you didn't make an order... be on the lookout for upcoming booth sales in the local Madison/Harding area!

I can tell you... I'm really wishing I had a Thin Mint right about now!  (All those cookies and we couldn't even have a little nibble!)