Bathroom Update - Day 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34

We were on vacation for a week... and then we were back to real life this past week. Real life, and the never-ending bathroom remodel. I couldn't bear another week of daily updates (and I'm sure you couldn't either). So I'm do the week in review all at once. Quickly as possible. (Mostly just to continue to have a record for ourselves.)

Day 30 (Monday, June 25) The plumbers were suppose to come between 10 and 12. I called and confirmed at 8am. At about 11:45 I received a phone call from Henry in the plumbers office saying they had received an emergency call about a septic backup (or something). (I immediately thought of Amanda's post.) They rescheduled for the next day.

Day 31 (Tuesday, June 26) Zoe and I went to our new Gym Dandy class at the YMCA. The plumbers said they would come after our class. I called after class to see what the time frame looked like and Henry told me that it should be between 12 and 2pm. 2:30 was still a no-show. At 4pm I called and got a response of some garble about getting a call and not understanding and could I call back at 5pm. I called at 5:30 and a woman took a message for Henry who never called me back. I called the contractors office to tell them what was happening and they never called me back either.

Day 32 (Wednesday, June 27) I finally got in tough with the contractor office. They had it out with the plumber again and were assured that they would be at my house between 12 and 2. The electrical inspector came for the final inspection at about 10:30. After about 5 minutes he passed us on our inspection. Yippee! I called to check on the plumber and they assured it would be between 12 and 2. George, our first plumber, did show up. He finished EVERYTHING he needed to. Our drain works, our tub faucet has the right length pipe, our heater is connected and working. Woohoo! Yippee! Hooray!

Day 33 (Thursday, June 28) The building inspector came for their final inspection. After about 5 minutes (or less) he passed us on the building inspection. Hooray!

Day 34 (Friday, June 29) Nothing bathroom related. (And a good thing too... I had a birthday party to finish preparing for!)

So... our bathroom is JUST ABOUT TOTALLY FINISHED. I can barely believe it. Only 2 things left. The hardware store is still waiting on our replacement sink faucet. As soon as it's in they will come and do the swap themselves. (read: NO plumber) We also have to get the heater cover completed. Should have been a rather simple thing... but the custom sized cover I ordered didn't work out quite as planned. We have to fiddle with it a little bit to see if we can make it work. But... other than that... finished bathroom. Personally, I'm not calling in done until it's actually done though. I'll update when that happens!