Bathroom Remodel Update

I recently told you all about our upcoming project. We are scheduled to have our bathroom demolished on Monday, May 7th (just a few days away!!!). I thought I'd take the time to post some "before shots" of our teeny tiny bathroom. You can see it is done in shades of blah with a touch of green.

So there you have it. Our icky bathroom. You can't see in the pictures that the bathtub tile also covers the whole ceiling. You can't see that the mirror over the sink covers that whole wall. You also can't tell that our exhaust fan stopped working long ago... so we have that lovely wet bathroom smell. And you can't tell that we have the most uncomfortable bathtub on earth (I long for a bubble bath!!!).

Just about all of our "stuff" is bought. The tile and fixtures are in... and just waiting to be picked up. I should (fingers crossed) get a call tomorrow verifying that the tub, toilet, cabinets, and sink are going to be delivered any day now. I confirmed that we are scheduled to have Isreal (my favorite handy man from Handyman Matters... reliable, hardworking, honest, just plain nice guy, and dad to 5 boys to boot) start work on Monday. Things are all coming together.

Oh... and as a side note... Nick (aka Daddy) somehow managed to get sent on a business trip to Calgary next week. He's leaving Monday and not returning until Friday. So, he'll be in a lovely hotel with a shower... while Zoe and I beg other people to let us bathe at their houses. We're already working on getting a schedule of bath nights from Aunt Andrea... Zoe can just hop in the tub with Larisa and Alex on those days (they LOVE that). They are literally a minute from us. My parents are just 3 miles down the road... and while Zoe plays with Poppop and Grammy, she won't even notice if I take time out to shower. And, on our parent/child swim class day we'll just use the shower at the YMCA. So, at least we have a plan.

Wish us luck as we collect all of our supplies and prepare for a couple weeks of bathtub hopping! I'll make sure to upload some demolision pictures Monday!