Bathroom Remodel - Day 9 (part 2)

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for. Pictures of long awaited, new plumbing. (OK so the pictures are rather dull when you think about it. But hey... I've been having a breakdown over this plumbing for slightly over 3 whole days... so thank goodness it's finally here.) I got a call around 8:30 this morning saying George would be here around 9:15/9:30. He showed up at 9:45. He left at 1:45. I don't want to say anything too negative... I'm just going to repeat to myself over and over... "look, new plumbing, look, new plumbing, look, new plumbing", and smile.

Toilet plumbing


Sink plumbing


Tub plumbing


More tub plumbing


Thrilling, right? What will be more thrilling is if the plumbers show up again tomorrow (I know 2 days in a row might be asking a bit much of them) to install the plumbing for the new heater. Unfortunately, our house is heated with baseboard water heat. Not usually a problem, unless you have to rely on unreliable plumbers to come install a new heater.

Keep your fingers crossed. They say they're coming. I do recall the word "probably" though. That's never good. George said he'd have the office give me a call with the scheduled time. Cross your fingers for me that the "scheduled time" includes the word "tomorrow/Friday"