Bathroom Remodel - Day 8 (part 2)

Still no progress in the bathroom. So, no new exciting and thrilling pictures of, say, new plumbing. I know you were all hoping for new plumbing today. I know I was. Guess not.

So, to continue from the previous post (earlier in day 8) and trying to keep it somewhat brief here... Bill and Phil showed up just as expected. The first thing Bill wanted to address was a comment I had made to Christine (office manager who I vented to) during my earlier rant about an issue I had with Nick (old supervisor) on Day 7. Today was the first anyone heard of my issue... mainly because I had thought I'd keep the slight issue (where I wanted to hit him, but controlled myself and bit my tongue) to myself. I don't REALLY have to deal with Nick, so his comments REALLY don't matter so I had decided to ignore them... until this other no plumber issue REALLY got to me.

Anyway, I explained the whole non-issue issue with Bill. Part of my issue dealt with Nick questioning the width of my new bathtub. Even though I discussed the width with 3 other people already (who all said "oh, yes, that tub will fit, no problem) Nick insisted I should have got a narrower tub, he told me that before, it was in his paperwork (which he insisted on getting out of the truck), he insisted he show me yet again how his (really difficult) tape measure (which little old girly me must not be able to understand) showed him how my totally gutted bathroom would not fit my already purchased, sitting in my living room, tub. I calmly explained that I had check with Isreal and he said it was not an issue. The tub would fit. (fists clenched, keep in pockets, bite tongue).

Phil (new supervisor who I love) kindly went and got his own tape measure, went upstairs, measured, came down stairs and said "no problem". He also said there would be no problem with my new vanity, no problem with my new mirror/medicine cabinet, no problem no problem no problem. I knew that... because, brace yourself, 1. I can use a tape measure and 2. 3 other people ALREADY TOLD ME THAT IT WAS NO PROBLEM.

#1 positive thing of the day... I am promised that Nick will never set foot in my house again. I will only have to deal with Phil as supervisor and go to guy for all questions and answers.

Anyway, I vented to Bill and Phil about my issues. I repeated everything to Bill that I had told Christine earlier. I explained that part of my emotional reaction was, yes, over our bathroom job delay. Part of it is that while I'm dealing with the bathroom Nick (my husband) has had business trips and I'm trying to keep him up to date while I'm annoyed and venting. I also explained that part of it was also over the fact that I'm also dealing with my parents upcoming move (from 3 miles away from me in NJ to ??? miles away in FL) and on top of having bathroom supplies everywhere I'm also trying to squeeze in quite a few (dozen) boxes worth of childhood memories that I've got to go through and purge. I'm havin' a tough week.

Bill asked me multiple times what they could do to help make me happy... to which I replied multiple times "get me a plumber" and "I'd like a bathtub in my bathroom as opposed to my living room... and maybe a toilet." Bill did make the point of offering any help I needed moving boxes from my parents house. And (although I'm sure it was a "joke") he would be totally willing to let us go to his house and use his bath. Phil also said he'd put a couple extra guys working with Isreal to get the job (after plumbing) done as quickly as possible. And, while they're working, he'll let them know if I needed any help with anything else, like moving boxes, they should help me out. (Hmmm.... maybe our house could use a touch up on the paint job? Maybe they could play with Zoe in the yard while I take a nap?)

Parts of our long conversation also included Bill understanding if we felt the need to fire them, he would even help us find a new contractor, etc. But, he really hoped we would allow them to complete the job. He expressed his regret and embarrassment over how the job was going (yet again). He asked me (again and again) to please let him know ANYTHING they could do to help ease my irritation. I seriously thought of naming off about 10 other jobs that I was going to call the office to set up, or hmmm... how about cutting the price of our job in half? But, I decided to stick with "get me a plumber here NOW and I'll be happier."

I am assured, promised, guaranteed that there will be a plumber here tomorrow at 10. (Change that.... while in the middle of the swearing of having a plumber at 10, the plumber called to say it will be around 9!) Phil also said he will be here to make sure the plumber gets started. And, once the plumber starts, it should only be 1 day of work... maybe 1 1/2 at most. Then Isreal will be back (maybe as soon as Friday?). I'll believe it when I see it.

The conversation included quite a bit more... but I've already written more than I planned... and I think you all get the gist of it.

Of course, tomorrow is Thursday and I drop Zoe off at school on Thursday and Friday... at 9am of course. Right when the plumber is suppose to show up. (again, I'll believe it when I see it) So I have to make sure I leave a little note stuck to my door saying something like "Plumber George... don't you dare leave just because I stepped out from 8:55 until 9:05 and that's when you happened to show up after I waited for you for 3 days!!!!!!!". Ok... maybe it will just say "Took my daughter to school at 8:55... be right back! Please wait!" But you all know what I'll be thinking... and I will keep my fists in my pockets as needed.