Bathroom Remodel - Day 8

I'm not good with drama. When I get mad I cry. It sucks.

I had my dad come over to play with Zoe outside in the absolutely beautiful weather (and to keep her safely away while I got the plumber settled.) With all the waiting, the worst part (almost) is not being able to get Zoe outside more. I'm stuck here waiting... missing the sunshine, missing gym class, missing swim class. It's no wonder she's not sleeping as well!!!

The plumber was supposed to be over her around 10:30. No plumber.

At around 10:45 I got a call from Bill (the owner). They fired the plumbers company (for lack of reliability). So I have no plumber. He apologized, he told me how embarrassed they were, etc. etc. etc. He told me he had Phil (the supervisor) coming over to meet me with a new plumber within the half our. I thought.... I'll believe it when I see it. I saw Phil show up and sit outside waiting. I saw Phil on his cell phone. I saw Phil drive away 10 minutes later.

Bill called again. I guess the original plumber called to beg and plead to be given another chance (and not to miss out on the many jobs Handyman Matters contracts them for). I guess Phil believes them... because they're giving them one more chance. Bill apologized that this had to all happen during my job. He said he'd have the plumbers company schedule guy call me personally with the time schedule.

I waited an hour. I gave Zoe lunch. I put Zoe up for nap. (She's still awake by the way... chatting with her "friends". GO TO SLEEP!!!) Still no call from the plumber's office.

I called Bill's cell phone. No answer.

Christine (the office manager) called a few minutes later. Again, so sorry, yada yada, inconvenienced, yada yada, understand you're upset, yada yada, plumber will definitely be here tomorrow around 10am, yada yada, taking $200 off your bill for your day (yes, day, as in singular day) of inconvenience. I was silent. Now I must say I like Christine. It is unfortunate that she's a woman... and I feel the need to break down with her. She told me she could tell I was upset and to go ahead and spill it. Let her know what I was thinking. She shouldn't have asked.

I reminded her I have a 2 year old with no bathtub. We have bath supplies all over our house. It wasn't just one day of inconvenience. The plumber was supposed to be here Monday (we skipped gym class), he was supposed to be her Tuesday (we were trapped at home all day), he was supposed to be here today (we skipped swim class). Thank God I'm a stay-at-home Mom.... or I'd be out of work... sitting here for no good reason. I told her I'd believe a plumber was coming tomorrow when I saw him here in my house. I reminded her that my dad just retired from being a painter/wall paper hanger... his friends are all plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc. and I was ready to have him call in replacements. I ranted for about 1/2 an hour. And I cried.... because it's what I do when I'm pissed off.

Bill and Phil are on their way over to discuss the job. I'll let ya know how it goes. Now... if I could just quit having a break down I might be in good shape!