Bathroom Remodel - Day 7

A whole lotta nothing going on around here.

Christine (the office manager at Handyman Matters) called to let me know what the plumber issue was. Ends up he was waiting for the go-ahead. He hadn't heard whether I "ok'd" the numbers he gave to Nick (the handyman/supervisor guy I REALLY dislike). Bill (the owner of Handyman Matters) was really irritated about the whole thing. I guess he had no idea what the hold-up was.

Around 10am Bill called me to let me know that Nick was coming over with the information to sign off on. Bill apologized for it being Nick, since I had been assured my dealing with him would be kept to a minimum. Nick showed up while I was still chatting with Bill about our issues. Short story... numbers were explained, paper signed. The long story involved the man making me want to punch him. I'm not a violent person... but he's asking for it. I'll leave it at that. If I continued I'd have to type all night. Bill has told me that I'm not the first to have issues with Nick. Phil (our new, much loved, job supervisor) also has no love for Nick. He's made that obvious to me. So... I deal. All I want is a bubble bath!!!

Still no idea when the plumber would come. Nick said he would call George (the plumber) to find out. George said he'd check with the office on scheduling. Nick said he's call me as soon as he heard.

Hours later. No word from anyone. I called and left yet another message at Handyman Matters. Bill called right back to say he heard from the plumbers office. A plumber should be here tomorrow around 10:30. My fingers are crossed. Bill says he is going to personally check in (call/stop by... I'm not sure) to make sure the plumber is here.

Bill is annoyed. At least I'm not alone in the annoyed department!!! Now... if only Bill's annoyance meant that the price for this bathroom would be lowered. Guess not? A girl can wish!