Bathroom Remodel - Day 6

Today I was suppose to see Mike the electrician and George the plumber.

Mike came right after 8am with 2 other guys. They rewired our outlet to code and put the box where our sink will be.


They checked out our light switch. I don't know if they did anything or not, but it's to code.


They ripped down our old nasty exhaust fan and installed this shiny new one (the cover will go on later).


They worked (quick like bunnies) and were gone before I even knew it. Honestly, I didn't even realize they were done and gone. I didn't even know if they were just out to get something and coming back... or totally done. But I suddenly realized they weren't around any more.

I called into Handyman Matters to check on their progress... and to see what time to expect the plumber. I was given a call back by Bill (the owner) to let me know the electricians were done for today... and that the plumber should be over around 12:30 or so.

I was hoping it would be the "or so" just so I might be able to get Zoe down for her nap before he showed up. Well... I got her in her crib, she chatted a while with her "sleepy friends", she fell asleep. Two hours later she woke up. Still no plumber. Hung around the house... still no plumber. Nick got home from work at 6... still no plumber.

I hate that. It would take 2 seconds to call and say you can't make it. Instead I waste all day just waiting. Now I'll have to try really hard not to be annoyed with him when he does show up. Knowing my luck... he'll show up extra early tomorrow before I'm even dressed.

I just keep thinking "new bathroom, new bathroom, new bathroom".

(So how long will the bathroom take? Oh, it won't take more than 10 business days! hahahahahaha)