Bathroom Remodel - Day 5

After the phone call yesterday I assumed we wouldn't be seeing any workmen until Monday. This morning the phone rang at 8 am. Bill (the owner of Handyman Matters, our contractor) called to let me know that Isreal would be over today around 10 am. I guess after he talked a little more with the plumber he realized that Isreal had to "remove" some more of our bathroom to prepare for the plumbing to be started on Monday. Yeah! Some more productive time spent on the bathroom! So, at 9 am I took Zoe to "school" and spent some time at the Mother's Day Breakfast. I got home just in time to meet Isreal and Phil (our NEW supervisor who I LOVE - long story involving me not wanting to work with our old supervisor for many many many reasons). Phil went over some changes with our overall plan with me and then with Isreal, and then Isreal went to work. Two hours later this is what my hall closet/medicine cabinet look like. Before and After!


We're changing our tub plumbing so that instead of the shower and faucet being on the left sloped ceiling side of the tub it will be on the right high ceiling side of the tub. This meant they needed to steal a couple inches from this cabinet. (It's where we kept all of our bathroom stuff... toilet paper, extra toothpaste, medicine, shampoos, etc.) Phil said we will get it back... just a little shallower. He also figured out how to make our ceiling "vaulted" so that it will have less angle changes. Yippee!

In other news... today was not suppose to be a bath day in my bathing plan for Zoe . No one was expecting us. But Zoe had other plans. At lunch she decided to wear her macaroni and cheese... and at dinner she decided the macaroni hair should be visited by some pizza. So I had to figure something out because it was too late to pack us all up with all our bath necessities.


Thanks goodness for the tenant's shower and for the big party tub we use for wine and beer!!!