Bathroom Remodel - Day 4

There isn't really anything to report today. I called into Handyman Matters this morning to check on the schedule. I mainly needed to know if I had to be stuck at home all day... or if I could escape the disaster area that is my home. Unfortunately I was told that due to the issue of "unforeseen circumstances" regarding my electrical and plumbing needs the electrician and plumber wouldn't start work until Monday. Monday. Like next week.

Now here is where I'm confused. Regardless of how easy or difficult it is to update my bathroom electric and plumbing... what do "unforeseen circumstances" have to do with when they can start. Do they mean that if it was an easy job they could have started today... but since it might be a tough job that might be more time consuming they have to prepare themselves and work themselves up to be able to do it? Mike is an electrician... and I need electrical work. George is a plumber... and I need plumbing work. What is the problem here?

Oh... and the other thing I was told on the phone this morning: "We'll get back to you within 24 hours with the updated information and numbers from the electrician and plumber." Nice. Thanks.