Bathroom Remodel - Day 29

Nobody is coming to do anything today. I'm actually really happy about that, especially after yesterday. Talk about feeling like chaos had set in.

There really isn't that much left. But the fact that it's day 29 is insane. I kind of snickered to myself when they said it would be 10 days. I would've been surprised if it really only took that long. But 29 days??? I don't know what else to say at this point.

What's left?

  • finish tub drain (the part should get here next week)
  • put on heater cover (I ordered it today, it should come in 2 weeks or less)
  • replace leaking faucet (the hardware store called just now... part of the faucet is in, the rest is due in next week. They are going to switch the faucets.)
  • sand 1 spackle spot and paint it

I think that's it.

We figured this would be a good point to screw up the schedule on our contractor and his band of misfits. We're going on vacation. For a whole week. So now... they all have to wait on us for a change! And... we haven't paid them yet (they feel so very badly that they held off on billing us anything but the bare minimum). So now whether they could've finished next week or not... they have to wait at least an additional week to get paid. (insert evil heeheehee)