Bathroom Remodel - Day 28

Woe is me.

The plumber came around 11... accomplished nothing... but stayed long enough to make me late to pick Zoe up from school (at 12).

George (our first plumber) is on vacation... so this new plumber's name was Rich, and he hadn't been here before, but he had picked up the new (and 3/8" longer?) drain part yesterday. After almost an hour of trying to get it to work he decided that (again) the part just wasn't right...too short. (strike one)

The next thing on the agenda (at least mine) was to replace the faucet pipe with a shorter one. Well, Rich wasn't told that needed to be done, so he didn't have that pipe. Now, in his defense... I've lost track of who's been told what by whom. Maybe the office didn't know that needed to be done? I don't know. (strike two)

So with 5 minutes to go before Zoe should be picked up from school... I led Rich to the basement where the heater pipes would need to be connected to the heater water source. Unfortunately the office had told Rich the pipes were copper. He was ready for copper pipes. Well, in actuality what George put in are plastic pipes/hoses/whatever. Rich didn't have the tools for that. (strike three)

You'd think he'd just leave so I could be on my merry way... no. Of course not. He had to take the opportunity to go on a bit about some rock and roll stuff (our basement is a recording studio/band hangout for my husband and his band). I know nothing (if not less than nothing) about rock and roll stuff. I recall him saying something about some band in Vernon who broke up, something about how they used to open for the Ramones or something. He just kept talking and talking as I aimed him up the stairs and out the door. Doesn't he get the whole 3 strikes... you're out. GET OUT!!!!

He finally left. I was 10 minutes late to get Zoe. No big deal really. She was enjoying having all 4 teachers to herself.

We got home and I settled Zoe in for lunch and started to make the gazillion phone calls I ended up making this afternoon. In short...I talked to Bill (owner of our handyman company) and went over what happened. I talked to Christie at our bath supply place about the drain (NO HELP). I talked to Tony (at the tile store) about returning the stuff we didn't use. Bill called to say Sammy (?) was coming over to look at the drain (guess what... the part's too short). Sammy also finished up the spackle that Isreal didn't get to (and he's busy at another crazy job in our neighborhood. By the way... I think our neighborhood is cursed with lousy remodel issues). Sammy called Bill to update. I called Christie at the bath store and she (FINALLY) gave me an 800# for American Standard trouble shooting (or some such thing). Bill called me. Ollie(?) was going to come over and take one last look at the drain (it seems he had the same issue somewhere else... it never came up because he fixed it!!!). So Ollie came over (guess what... the part's too short). He called the 800# and talked for 5 minutes . Repeat... 5 minutes!


Oh... and I have to bake brownies for Zoe's last day of school picnic that is tomorrow!

Breath Colleen. Just Breath.