Bathroom Remodel - Day 26

Not really to much to report. Isreal was here for an hour or so this afternoon to do some (almost) final detail work.

He fixed the shelves in the hall closet. (they were slightly too deep and kept the door from latching.)

He tried to fixed the 2nd towel hook. (ends up the screw was stripped, or something, and we don't really need it, so we're skipping it)

He added some caulk where the floor meets the tub, and where the wall tile meets the door frame.

All that is left for him to do on the bathroom job is to patch up the holes where the 2nd hook was supposed to go. Some spackle, drying time, paint touch up... and Isreal is done.

I think Zoe's heart may break. He actually was working up the street today at a neighbors house. While Zoe and I were on a walk she saw his truck and proceeded to yell "Isal!!! Isal!!!", pointing and bouncing in her little red car the whole way down the street. Guess I'll have to call into the office and schedule a bunch of odd jobs that need to be done... just so Zoe can see her friend "Isal".

As for the bathroom, yes Isreal should be done tomorrow. We are still waiting for the one store to get our faucet replacement and then come swap out our leaking one for the new one. We are also waiting for the other store to get in the part for our tub drain. Once that comes in the plumber should be over (hahaha) to finish the tub. The plumber also have to finish hooking up our heater. It ends up they never completed the hook up in the basement. Oh, and speaking of the heater... I do still need to get a heater cover/grill thingy (such technical terms). Whenever we get around to that we'll get a visit from Isreal since he'll put it in for us. (Zoe will be so happy!)