Bathroom Remodel - Day 24

I repeat... day 24. 24!!! It's never ending. It has been 24 business days. One whole calendar month. Demolition started on May 7th. It is now June 8th. Let me just scream silently to myself (wouldn't want to wake Zoe!).

A few more details were done today. The access panel is now painted the wall color. It blends in pretty well... you might not notice it if you weren't looking for it.

The inside of the hall cabinet was also painted the wall color. Just like new!

The door was painted.

The 2 towel hooks were put up. One has Zoe's towel on it. The other was suppose to be where that white blop is... but it didn't work out. Isreal spackled up the hole and will touch up paint next week. I'm not sure if I like it where we decided to put it when that didn't work. Maybe we should just do without the 2nd hook (right next to the mirror)?

And finally, Nick (my husband) put the doors back on the cabinet. Isreal left them off since we'll be getting the leaky faucet fixed, but that could take a while. I found out today that the faucet is being recalled (or something) due to a manufacturing flaw... so they're sending us a whole new faucet.

Isreal also adjusted the tub water handle so it points the correct way. We're still waiting to see what's happening with our tub drain. We also found out that the heater isn't hooked up in the basement... so that still has to be completed (not really and issue... it was about 90 degrees today!)