Bathroom Remodel - Day 22

Slowly, slowly, slowly. Lots of small jobs done today.

We have a towel bar. (No outlet yet.)


We have a toilet paper holder.


And somebody took a bath!!!! (I bought a rubber stopper to hold us over until the real drain stopper is complete.)


We also have a toilet seat... and Zoe was happy to test it out by opening and closing it a couple times.


Isreal also finished prepping the ceiling for a fresh coat of paint. He spackled inside the hall closet. He put up the light switch cover.

Yesterday we had a problem with the sink faucet leaking. Long story shortened up a bit... Colin (the manager? at the store that sold us the faucet) came to look at the leak and he is going to either get it fixed or replace the faucet. Yippee.

So... we now have a tub we can use, a toilet we can use, and a faucet we can use (but it still leaks). Should I even dare say that it looks like this bathroom will be done this week?