Bathroom Remodel - Day 21

This morning Zoe woke up in a very good mood. She chatted in her crib while I started breakfast. I went in to get her and was greeted with a very chipper welcome. Unfortunately the welcome sounded something like "Isal! Where are you Isal?" Hmmm, is this a sign that this bathroom project has gone on for a bit too long? The first question out of her mouth is to find out where our handyman is? Oh well.

A very positive productive day. But also a day with some annoying issues. Isreal (the handy man) and George (the plumber) were both here. Things are done... but not quite. Some little things are still waiting (like the towel bar, the outlet, paint touch ups, toilet paper holder, etc.) But... the pictures make the bathroom look almost done.


Major Positives -

The lights are up and working.

The medicine cabinet/mirror is in.

The vanity and sink are in.

The faucets are in and the water is running.

The toilet is in.

The tub/shower fixtures are in.

The tile is done.

The paint is done.


Minor Negatives-

The sink cabinet didn't fit through the door until the doors and drawer were removed.

They no longer make a heater cover... so we have to figure one out.

There are some strange paint touch ups to do on the ceiling.

The tile detail around the tub fixtures is giving some trouble (including not being done... and covering the "switch" to change from faucet to shower.)

Zoe's towel hook to the left of the sink is a little snug (we're now thinking of just leaving her towel hooks in her room where they are now).

4 MAJOR negatives-

We can't use the sink since the faucet has a leak.

We can't use the toilet since they didn't give us the seat. (Well, Nick can easily pee... and I guess I could hover if I really wanted to.)

We can't use the tub because the mechanism that works the drain stopper wasn't long enough (???)

We can't use the shower because the switch is behind the tile waiting to be cut out.

One more time on those MAJOR negatives... we can't use the sink, toilet, tub or shower.

I had a slight breakdown this afternoon.

I'm OK now.

Wine is involved.