Bathroom Remodel - Day 18

I will save you from looking at more pictures of just tile (by the way... there is more tile!!!)

But, I will include 1 picture of Zoe with the tile...


I will also include 1 video of the littlest contractor checking out the tile work. (since a few people asked what happened to our highly trained job supervisor)

Notice all the tile! Every wall has tile on it now. Just about done. All that is left is the bottom detail, the rest of the floor, one tile on the tub ceiling (?) and the grout.

Isreal told me the tile will be totally done tomorrow. How exciting is that? He also told me the plumbers are already scheduled to come on Monday and put in the toilet, sink, and fixtures. He told Nick (my husband) that the bathroom should be done, yes DONE, on Tuesday!!!! Is it too much to hope that the plumbers will show up as expected? I can dream.