Bathroom Remodel - Day 11

The day that never should've been. There shouldn't be a day 11. Oh well.... I'm starting to think we might get to a day 20... and that scares me.

There was suppose to be a plumber today. There wasn't. Same excuse as Friday. The radiator wasn't available in the warehouse yet. It would be in late in the afternoon. They would start tomorrow. I think verbatim to the Friday excuse. I give up.

The building inspector was suppose to come in the morning. He showed up after noon. About 12:20. Unfortunately his paper said he was suppose to inspect insulation. Do you recall the last pictures I shared of the gutted bathroom? Guess what... we don't have insulation! If we did have it... you would have seen lovely pictures of insulation. The insulation was waiting for the plumber to finish. Luckily the inspector laughed it off. I just can't tell you if he was laughing with me at my misfortune of having an unreliable plumber, laughing at me for the life I'm currently dealing with, laughing with sarcasm and irritation, or laughing an evil laugh... one that says "soooo... you make me come here for nothing? Let's see when I make it back here!!! hahaha"

We missed another gym toddler class waiting for nobody. Sucks. So, I wasted my entire morning waiting for a no-show plumber and a late not needed inspector. Fun, huh? At least I got smart and put a big sign on the door that said "WE ARE IN THE BACK YARD!!!" so we could enjoy some sunshine.

Tomorrow... the plumber should be here (hahahahaha), Isreal should be here to install insulation, and another inspector should be here for plumbing and electric. Maybe they'll all show? Maybe?