Bathroom Remodel - Day 10

Well... today's the day. The day my bathroom SHOULD be done. You know, the day they told me it would be done when I asked... "so, how long should this bathroom remodel take?". The answer was "oh, no more than 10 business days." Little did I know that that answer should have been heard "no more than 10 business days, not including the days no one shows up." If I count up how many days someone has been here (to work, or to meet and chat, or to just annoy me) it looks like we're actually only on day 7.

Monday - Isreal worked his butt off all day long. (and hurt his shoulder).
Tuesday - Ireal came back and spend 1/2 day finishing demolition (with a hurt shoulder).
Wednesday - Electrician and plumber were both here separately but totaling maybe 1 hour.
Thursday - nada
Friday - Isreal came to complete some extra demo for the plumber. 10-12
Monday - Electrician here and finished "work to code" 1/2 day.
Tuesday - nada
Wednesday - Bill and Phil here to discuss the whole lot of "nada" days.
Thursday - nada
Friday - Nick showed up (though I was told I'd never ever never have to see him again) to check on what the plumber did, maybe 5 minutes. (Notice... NO PLUMBER... once again I wasn't called until late, and rescheduled for Monday... due to "lack of part needed for heater".)

So that's 7 days where somebody was here in my house. Looks like even if I give them this bit of slack... it still looks like they're not gonna make it.

Of course, if I really wanna make light of it all... I could count how many "8 hour" days I could add up.
Monday - 8
Tuesday - 4
Wednesday - 1
Thursday - 0
Friday - 2
Monday - 4
Tuesday - 0
Wednesday - 1
Thursday - 0
Friday - .2

Looks like a total just over 20 hours. So... really they haven't even completed day 3 yet. Wow.... they've got plenty of time to finish in 10 days!!!! And I was getting annoyed. What was I thinking?