Bathroom Remodel - Day 1

These are pictures I took at mid-day. After these pictures were taken the remaining tiles (including ceiling) were totally removed. Isreal (our handyman) removed all of the clutter and debris. So, we're down to studs on walls and ceiling. I'll have to get some more "day 1" pictures tomorrow morning. I thought I could do it tonight after dinner... but silly me... the light fixture is gone. I'll have to wait for sunshine.


The floor and tub come out tomorrow. So far we're doing quite well (It is only day 1!). Zoe is loving Isreal (and he's loving her too... since he has 5 boys and no girls of his own.) He doesn't mind her checking in whenever he's taking junk out to dump. He just chit chats with her. I think that's part of the reason I like him so much. Not only is he a great worker... he doesn't mind chatting with a toddler.

Check in tomorrow for more.