Ballerina Ana

This year was Ana's first "successful" dance class.  By successful, I mean she actually went to the dance class without crying for the entire class.  Twice before we tried... twice before Ana was a dance class drop-out.  This time... Ana actually asked to sign up for dance with her friends, Becca and Sophia.  So we tried again.

I think you can see Ana was a pretty happy ballerina this time.

I think Ana was a little overwhelmed by the size of the audience once she got on stage... but I did get a photo of one of the few dance moves our shy girl performed on stage. 

Ana is far left, right in the center of the photo.

We also were able to get a little video.  (Again, Ana is on the far left.)

Ana's dance class may not have been quite what you'd call prima ballerinas.... but they sure were cute.  And, considering Ana hadn't ever even made it through a full dance class before... I was pretty impressed our ballerina made it all the way through her debut performance!