Bad Mommy Moment

I have noticed lately that Zoe's shoes have been a tad bit snug. (Mainly, when she wears her little Stride Rite sandals her big toe sticks out a little bit.) The shoes haven't seemed to bother her at all, and they haven't been tough to get on. But, it's the end of summer anyway... time for some new shoes.

We went to the small shoe shop in town and had Zoe's feet measured properly. Her right foot (the one where the toe is squishing out) measured a size 7 1/2. Zoe's current sneakers and sandals were a size 6!!!! (and I bought them a bit big) Hello.... her feet have grown about 2 sizes this summer! How did that happen? Is that normal?

The shoe salesman actually looked in her old sneaker and looked at me and asked how in the world I've been getting her feet in her shoes.