Backyard Bustle

Remember these little ladies?  


Well, since late April, when this was taken, they grew up and now they look like this:


Amazing right? So life with three full grown chickens is kind of funny. We don't have names for them, because we can't really tell them apart. Plus, the sad truth about chickens is, they are prey. We've had two previous sets of chickens, and they all were killed by either hawks or fox. So it's probably better not to get too attached.

They give the back yard a farm-like vibe, because you can usually hear them. Sometimes, it's their traditional call and response, the usual chicken bock bock sound. Sometimes its a long, low kind of blowing from the back of their throats. The kind of chicken equivalent to a mom's "I'm not so sure about your choices here." Sometimes its a short, happy sounding chirp as they walk across the yard, slurping up worms after a rain storm,

The other day, they were very loud, and I could hear what sounded a lot like a chicken yelling. I discovered that the noise was coming from the coop. Sure enough, the next morning when I looked into their nesting area, there was the tiniest of eggs.

Here's a picture, next to a regular grade A large egg for reference.


After a few days, we started getting three little eggs a day. Each is uniquely shaped and they are all getting bigger. I think they won't ever be large eggs, but pretty close. So now our egg cartons look like this:

And I am suddenly flush with eggs! I hope Jaime posts a farm to feast quiche or some such!