Back to Basics: Fall Scheduling

Summer has me scattered. We’ve been off routine for so long now that I’m forgetting days, tasks, and general functioning skills. It’s a tale familiar for many parents. We crave the warmer weather, we get all the big ideas with our bucket lists, we dream of destinations, and we glorify the slowness of summer days.

I love summer. I wouldn’t trade this time with my girls for anything. However, I’m a school calendar kind of girl. I need structure, and not self-created structure, but “get your butt in gear because the kids can’t be late” structure.

These final two weeks in August are ambitious. I’m on a mission to make the most of our freedom, but I’m acutely aware that our time together is ending and that means a better functioning state for the family. My girls are preschoolers, 4 and 2, so we’re not yet inundated with big supply lists. But we are slowly getting to the land of activities and the discussion of “how much is too much and knowing our kiddos” has begun. My oldest is a joiner. She wants the socialization and to join anything and everything. I admire her enthusiasm and think it’s safe to say she has my genes in this arena. My youngest outdoes us all in the energy department. She has one speed and never slows or stops until it’s nap time. Post nap she resumes her excessive energy until the crib comes calling for bedtime. Despite her energy, she is selective in her interests and quick to proclaim she’s done or over something or someone.

My oldest wants to do swim and gymnastics. While I was pushing dance again, I recognize that she’s approaching the age of self-awareness and curiosity. She wants to explore her options and I refuse to stand in the way when it comes to this type of decision. My youngest is ready to get her fill via her entry to preschool, but we’re also off to Tinkergarden. She needs some fresh air and adventure.

There are other things popping up and all the usual fall traditions that I like to make happen for the family. But I’m quick to remember that loving a schedule also means controlling it. So as we get ready to get back into the swing of things, don’t forget to carve out time for nothing. Summer has me thinking that nothing can be everything, especially as I watch my big girls grow into themselves and the world.