Babysitter/Parent Meet Up

When I moved to Madison I didn’t know a soul. Putting it mildly, searching for babysitters was overwhelming. I wanted to find an initial way to connect with local high school and college students that felt safe and sincere. Alas, because Colleen Bohensky listened and responded to my needs, The Babysitters Club of Madison, NJ was born.

The name is based off the popular book series, which grabbed hold of my heart as a preteen and kept me comfortable on my own babysitting ventures in the mid to late nineties.

But now I enter a new phase of the babysitting circle, which means selecting responsible people who are capable and committed to keeping my children safely engaged while I’m away from home. It’s a terrifying concept for many parents, especially those of us who have no family to rely on or refer to for emergencies. But we press on because it’s necessary.

The Babysitters Club is an introductory way for parents and sitters to meet. We use the power of social meeting to appeal to both parties and maintain a well monitored Facebook page for initial interactions. From there, individual connections are made that happen independent of us. We organize and offer CPR/First Aid classes and often post about relevant community events.

This Saturday, November 2nd, we’re partnering with The Village Play cafe and hosting a meet up for babysitters and parents. It’s a mixer of sorts to introduce parties to one another in a safe and secure environment. While online connections are wonderful, there’s nothing like good old fashioned in person communication.

Babysitters, we need you. Please consider registering for our event. You can bring a resume or just yourself, but we need you.

As a parent of young children I know the value and gift of community. I hope parents of sitters encourage attendance. I hope parents seeking solutions consider coming. This idea only works because two parties recognize the value of exchange and enterprise.

As always, I’m grateful to live in a such a beautiful, helpful, and kind community.