Ascension Graced - Book 3/Part 2 (book review)

Ascension was written by Sophia Sharp.  It is Book 3 Part 2 of the Dream Realms Trilogy.  (So... book 4 of the trilogy... which will bother me forever.)

Description from Amazon:

In the epic conclusion to the Dream Realms Trilogy, Laura comes face to face with the elders for the first time. With Logan and the angels at her side, she will try to do that which no one has done: destroy the elders, and break their terrible reign of power.

But it will not be easy. The elders have held on to their posts since the first memories of the Vassiz. Will prophecy be enough to guide Laura against them?

If she succeeds, the world as she knows it will change forever. But if she does not, everyone she knows will suffer a terrible fate. She is determined, but there are secrets uncovered that may yet prevent her from reaching her goals.

While this was not my favorite series (by far) I have to say that I'm impressed with Sophia Sharp.  Her writing continues to improve.  Each book was better written than the last.  From the typos to the character development... book 4 was a much better quality of writing and story telling.  I absolutely would read more of her work.  I'm curious to see where she goes.