Art by Candlelight

Living without power for any amount of time is tough.  We were without for 4 days.  Add in the fact that we are a tech-lovin' (addicted/obsessed) family (with our iPhones, iPods, iPad, laptop, Wii, internet, computer download games, Kindle, etc.) and those 4 days become slightly torturous.  We're still without cable, phone, and internet... but I'm feeding my addiction with some borrowed wifi thanks to our lovely neighbors (thanks Amy & Arnold!!!). Thankfully, even with our love of high-tech, both Ana and Zoe LOVE drawing and coloring.  After 4 days the drawings got pretty impressive... even when done by candlelight!

Zoe drew 35 jack-o-lanterns.  By the time she was done they all had different faces and were completely colored.  Definite effort and time spent.  We were pretty impressed... and all have a favorite jack-o-lantern.

Ana goes through paper like it grows on trees (heh).  She is constantly drawing and doodling.  For being 4 years old she's pretty impressive with her pen grip and her letter writing.  She frustrates easily though when she can't get something the way she wants it... and being "only" 4 that happens pretty frequently.  She keeps trying though.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

That's one happy mom right there!  I guess Ana could tell I was THRILLED that with no power, by the light of a few candles, 2 girls sat nicely for an hour (give or take) quietly sketching away.