Are you ready for A NEW Madison Mom?


I started A Madison Mom in March of 2007.  A lot of things have changed since then.

Zoe wasn't even 2 yet... and now she's 11.  Ana wasn't a thought yet... and now she's 8.  When I started writing I was a stay at home mom who hadn't planned on being one.  I was struggling to find friends.  Blogging and social media opened up a whole new world to me.  I found friends all across the country... all around the world. I made connections.

While only a handful of the moms I connected with in 2007 still have their blogs, I still keep in touch with most of them on Facebook (and Twitter, and Instagram, and Snapchat, and... even Christmas cards).  I consider them true friends.  Blogging and social media really changed things.  They became my own little (huge?) world.  I started going to conferences and made some of my online friends my real life friends.  With each conference and blogger event my ideas changed and grew.

Then Zoe (and then Ana) started school.  As the girls started to find local friends... I started to find them too.  Preschool friends, public school friends... preschool moms, public school moms.  With new friends, and new school experiences, I started to learn more about our community.  Madison is an amazing community.  A community I love being a part of.  A community I enjoy giving back to.

Now I want more out of my little corner of the internet. I want it to give more.  Be more.  I want my online world to really become more a part of my community.  But no matter how much I've tried on my own... I can't seem to make it what I really want to be.  So, I've asked for help.  Help from blog friends, preschool friends, and public school friends.  Friends I've met all along the way of A Madison Mom.  Inviting my community to be a part of my blog... in order to help build my blog into more a piece of the community.

AND I'm finally giving in and asking for professional help from a website designer.  While being a parent on summer break trying to work with a web designer who is also a parent on summer break might take some serious finagling... the process is starting.  Things are in the works.

I'm very excited about the changes that are coming.  I'm ready for this to be more than a hobby... more than just mine.


So keep keep your eyes open for us!  This week my new writers will be introducing themselves... and I'm so excited to make my friends your friends.  They'll be telling you a little about themselves... and a little bit about what they'll be writing about.  And take a second to sign up for the email list (over in the sidebar).  With more writers I'll be making sure I send out updates about what's going on here in our little corner of the world!

Thank you for continuing to follow along as I figure out where I'm going!