April Instagram

I really love Instagram.  I take quite a few pics on my phone using it.  Even when I don't use any of the filters I just seem to end up liking the pics better.  Maybe it's because they're square?  I have no clue.

If you follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Tumblr (um... is there anywhere I'm not?) you may have seen these already since they're all so nicely connected.  But in case you missed them... here are some of my April Instagram pics...

W legs

I know a lot of kids randomly sit this way.  Zoe sits this was ALL THE TIME though.  It seems her hip dysplasia has some lasting "side effects".  Sitting cross-legged (Indian style/criss-cross-applesauce) actually starts to hurt her after a while.

If you leave things out... I will chew on them.

Is there anything a toddler won't put in their mouth?  Most of my pics of Phebe seem to look like this one.

This is how we deal with Florida chill.

When I go to Florida I always take a cold front along with me.  I was warned it was in the 90s before we arrived.  It dropped 20 degree (or more) the day we arrived.  Doesn't deter our pool time though.

Easter is about bubbles and towel dresses, right?

Zoe and Ana spent the whole day on Easter in towel dresses since that was what the Easter Bunny brought them  (and since Easter at Grammy & PopPop's involved nothing but swimming for most of the day).  Towel dresses and nothing else.

Breakfast of Champions

Easter Shoes

Phebe started walking!!!!

Small World


Y'all come up and see me sometime...



Pick me! Pick me! We did! We did!

This riesling?  Very yummy.

We need a vacation after our vacation.

It WAS white sangria.

A rare date night with a non-family babysitter.  Crazy!