Anything else you want me to do?



I've been a stay at home mom now for over 9 years.  Each year the girls have been in school... the more I've been volunteering.  Usually I've been a class mom for one or both of the girls' classes.  This is the first year since Zoe was 3 that I'm actually NOT a class mom.  It's nice to take a break.  It's nice for other moms to have a turn.  But, it was a weird feeling to start the year out not being involved that way... I kind of felt out of the loop.

I've been making up for not being a class mom by taking on bunches of other jobs.  Some little... some not so little.  The volunteer job list gets away from me sometimes...

  • Leader for Zoe's Girl Scout Junior troop.

  • Leader for Ana's Girl Scout Daisy troop.

  • Lunch duty every other-ish Tuesday.

  • Book fair set-up

  • Working on 4th Grade newsletter.

  • Fall Awesome Art project with 4th grade (they did Seurat) 1 day thing

  • Fall Awesome Art project with 1st grade (they did O'Keefe) 1 day thing

  • In the Spring I'm signed up for 1st grade Awesome Art (Monet) 1 day thing

  • In the Spring I'm signed up as Jamboree Basket Raffle co-chair.



I question my sanity some time... but then I really end up enjoying myself.  I guess I figure if I'm doing this stay at home mom thing... I'll put myself all in.  Plus... at least I'm sort of using my degree in Child Development and my masters in Elementary Ed. right?

Or maybe I just have a serious issue with being able to say no.  :)