There Will Come Soft Rains...In My Bedroom


I have been trying to "find the funny" since Monday afternoon about the flood that happened in my rented room, and by golly, I'm going to find it.

Lemme 'splain. No, is too much. Let me sum up. I live in the back room of Colleen's (our beloved leader here at A Madison Mom) house. I love living in what we call "The Hobbit Hole" and have been part of the family for several years. So when I raced home from work on Monday afternoon to change and then go to the gym, I thought nothing of stepping from my door into the room, like I do every dang day. What I DIDN'T expect was this.


Squish?!? Carpet shouldn't...squish. The clothes on the floor? Soaked. Not damp, not wet. Soaked. The carpet welled up with water when I stepped on it. Everything was soaked. My heart was now pounding out of my chest. I panicked, and started shoving clothes into garbage bags that became so heavy with water that I could barely lift them. Finally my brain kicked into gear and I ran out to the front room to tell Colleen's husband Nick what had happened. This was what I said.



Flashback time!

A few days ago, the guys came by to fix the baseboard heat. After the dude (v. cute) left, I felt that my room was...humid? Like rainforest humid. Odd, I thought, but hey, it wasn't cold! So I went about my day, and turned down the heat because...humid. I mentioned it to Col and Nick and all of us declared that "weird" and carried on with whatever we were doing. No one had any idea that a pipe had burst. No one had any idea my life would be soggy by Monday afternoon.

When everything was packed into garbage bags (things that couldn't be saved, things that could, and trash) the room looked like a typhoon had hit it. Luckily, my beloved computer was on the bed when the flood hit. I could live without the fortune of ruined clothes, a ruined tablet, and other belongings, but my computer had been saved. So had the papers I needed for work. I was lucky. The guys at ServePro came and tried to save the carpet and drywall, and would have been able to, perhaps, had not the flood returned on Wednesday morning.



At this point, we were all shattered. The carpet was lost. The drywall was lost. Our patience was lost. This was outrageous. That it happened twice was beyond the pale. I lamented my loss on Facebook. Some people could unfortunately relate to the situation. Others tried to make jokes. I, always one to find the funny, was not having any jokes. My Hobbit Hole was ruined. A part of Colleen and Nick's house was ruined. I didn't find it funny at all. I had myself a little meltdown, and started to gather my wits about me.

Everything can be fixed or replaced. It could have been so much worse. Nothing invaluable was lost. Everything is going to be fine. ServePro is a great company. Having home insurance is a great thing. Colleen and I have been doing laundry for days, trying to save some of my stuff. It's a bonding experience, right?! Everything is going to be okay. But man, this was a heck of a way to spend the last three days.

Anyone have a snorkel I can use? I need to get back in there and rescue my makeup bag.