And so begin the toothless years...

Zoe lost her first tooth!!!

On top of being an extremely exciting milestone... it's been a VERY long awaited milestone.  The dentist actually told Zoe she had 2 loose teeth over a year ago. It was her TOP teeth... not the bottom.  Then 6ish months ago the dentist told her she had 4 loose teeth.  Those little pearly whites seem to be holding on for dear life. 

But, FINALLY, a tooth fell out!!!

Oh, wait... is the crazy hair distracting you?  (heh)  Here's a better view of her new little gaped tooth grin.

Although I did quite a bit of wiggling of that tooth... in the end it was Zoe who popped it out all on her own.  We were all pretty impressed.

At bedtime the teeny tiny tooth went in the tooth fairy pillow to await the little fairy visit.  Suddenly Zoe admitted to me (quite anxiously) that she was nervous.  The tooth fairy's visit has been SO anticipated... and when the time came... Zoe actually panicked.  She couldn't explain why.  She couldn't say what exactly had her a bundle of nerves.  She just insisted she was nervous and scared.  When it came down to it I guess the idea of the tooth fairy visiting her room freaked her out.  Or maybe she was afraid the tooth fairy wouldn't be happy with her tooth?  I'm not sure, but I never in a million years would have expected Zoe to be afraid of a fairy.

The tooth fairy pillow ended up with a home at the tippy toe end of her bed (as far away as it could be while still being ON the bed).  Zoe slept HORRIBLY.  Do you know... after Mommy visited her room 2 times... the tooth fairy was FINALLY able to visit and collect the tooth after midnight.  I believe that was quite past the tooth fairy's bedtime. 

Still... I guess the tooth fairy didn't mind.  Zoe was rewarded with a shiny silver dollar.  She was THRILLED (although not in any rush to wiggle any more loose teeth).

Oh, and because Ana just can't get left out of important events... she was pretty excited that the tooth fairy was going to visit too.