Ana's 3 month portraits

We had Ana's 3 month old portraits done at The Picture People in the middle of October. Yes... she is actually going to be 4 months old tomorrow. Time is just slipping by. I keep thinking that one day I will catch up... one day I will get organized again. I really hope that happens. But, I guess until then I'll just keep chugging along with my posting. If there is one thing NaBloPoMo is helping me with, it's catching up. Yeah!

Ana was not thrilled with the whole idea of getting her picture taken. The moment the photographer adjusted Ana's position the first time she became a big crying mess. Between giving her some bottle, trying the pacifier, jiggling her a bit, and trying all I could think of... they actually got some great shots of her. Mostly serious looks with a couple of almost smiles.

I came home a very happy mommy!

So... at 3 (and now 4 months) old, what is Ana doing?

-She's smiling big huge full body smiles. Smiles that get everyone around her joining in.

-She's almost laughing. I say almost, because when I put her on her changing table I will tickle her and she sounds like she's almost laughing. I can feel her body tense up though, and it's almost like she's nervous and isn't quite sure what to do. Any day she's going to just relax and full belly laugh though.

-She's sleeping in her crib from about 11pm until about 5 or 6am almost every single night. She snoozes while we watch TV before 11 and then gets one last nursing... and then she wakes to feed around 5or 6 and then goes back in her crib until about 8. Yeah sleep!!!

-She's sleeping on her tummy. I am breaking the "back to sleep" rule. Ana is a tummy sleeper. She just is. I put her on her tummy, give her a binky, pat her tush a few times, and she's off to dream land. Bad mommy.

-Since starting her tummy sleeping she now lifts her head to look all around. She has started working on her "baby push-ups" too.

-She rotates. One day I put her on the TV room floor and went to fold laundry. When I came back her head was where I put her feet and her feet were where I had put her head. I finally saw how she's accomplishing this. She lays on her back and lifts her legs up in the air (so she's a 90 degree angle). Then she tips over on her right side. Then she straightens her legs back out and lays back onto her back. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. I have a little rotating baby.

-She's still just getting breast milk with the occasional formula bottle. I'm sure she'll start getting some baby cereal soon, but my milk production is not what is was with Zoe... so I'm almost afraid that if I add in cereal... nursing will be almost history. I'm not quite ready for that yet.

-She was 7lbs. 8oz. at birth. At 3 months she weighed 12lbs. 14 oz. She goes for her 4 month check up this week. I can't wait to see what she weighs now. You can see in the one full body pic that she's got chunky little thighs... oh my are they even more chunky now. I could just eat her up. And those cheeks!!! I'm just constantly smooching those chubby cheeks.

-She loves the swing. She is not a baby that enjoys the bouncy seat, or vibrating. Get her in a swing and she's a happy girl.

-She's just about as flexible and easy-going as Zoe ever was. She's in and out of her car seat to take Zoe to and from school, and dance, and swim and to run errands. She's generally easy about letting other people hold her. She will breastfeed or bottle feed. She will drink breastmilk or formula. She doesn't care if it's one brand or another. She goes out to restaurants, parties, stores, church, wherever... and is just happy to look all around and smile at anyone who gives her a glance. But when she's mad or upset, oh man, look out. It's like she's being stuck with hat pins. She's got a major set of lungs and a scream that could pierce ear drums. That... is also just like Zoe was (and still is) though.

So, that's Ana. 4 months old tomorrow. Where does the time go?