Ana Snow Smiles

Yes... I know Spring weather is here (I hope to stay).  You know me though... forever behind on posting pics.  Plus, I like snow a lot more when I don't have to be near it.

Mommy... you know I'm the one that doesn't like the snow right?  While Zoe is at school we can just stay inside.  I'm happy away from the snow.

Oh man!  Now you put me down here... and my little green binky is over there.  How am I suppose to get it now??? I'll have to actually walk on this stuff.

Hmm.  I guess I could just stay right here.

Oh my poor binky.  Look at you.  So cold in the snow.

 Hey Mommy.  I just noticed you don't have your boots on.  What are you doing wearing those Crocs with holes in them?

 Ha Ha!!! Now you can't get me!!!  I can run and run and run and you won't come get me!

 Ok... I suppose snow isn't TOO bad.