An Ode To Parents On The Last Day Of Summer Vacation

Dear Parents: You've made it! You have survived the entire summer once again, and the kids are going back to school! It's the REAL Mother's Day tomorrow, as my mom once told me, a day in the early 80s when I was a kid in which the children get on the bus and all the moms would congregate to day-drink and celebrate their freedom. I'm not suggesting you get together and day-drink this Wednesday, but I'm not NOT suggesting it either, if you know what I mean.

Because let's face it, parents. Summers are tough. From dealing with activities that of course take place in different places for different kids at the same time, to the shrieks of "I'M SO BORED" that ricocheted through your house every five minutes when there wasn't an activity. There were playdates, and birthday parties, and not once through all this time did you, the parent, get a break. But that's all about to change tomorrow.

Tomorrow. You guys? You made it.


And let's give some special recognition to those parents who work outside the home, and had to juggle the never-ending entertainment of their kids alongside the never-ending demands of their boss. That's not an easy thing, and to those parents? You did GREAT. Good job. Tomorrow the kids will be back in the classroom and you can breathe a sigh of relief at your desk that you have safely entrusted the kidlets with their teachers. You guys are warriors, and you won the battle of the Summer.


Forget "Winter Is Coming." You know what's coming? THE BUS. The bus is coming to cart your kids away for the day and sure you'll miss them, of course you will. But that part of you that wants to fall to your knees in celebration as that yellow bus pulls away? That's FINE. You deserve that celebration! So take this advice, even though I am sure you don't need anyone to tell you this: When the bus comes, close the front door, and do a little dance. Make yourself a cup of coffee and drink the whole thing without interruption. Take a leisurely shower. Find another parent who is celebrating in the same way and go have breakfast with them. Tomorrow is your day. Make the most of it in any way you choose. Because the school day ends faster than you can blink, and they'll be home soon. But for now, this day belongs to you.