No nap today. Zoe was making all the normal racket. Toys dropping, crying, "oh no binky", singing, chatting. A whole hour of it. All the normal stuff. The next thing... I hear Zoe calling, but not over the monitor. From the top of the stairs. I didn't even hear her get out of the crib this time. No thump. And... she figured out how to open her bedroom door.

Anyway... she was all laughing and giggling and dancing. Yelling "Hi Mommy!" "Look Mommy!" dance dance spin. "Yeah!" Totally energized. So, I didn't even try to get her back in the crib. We put all of her "friends" and things back in the crib and came downstairs. I'm sure we'll all be sorry later (Zoe included).

Charlie and Lola are keeping Zoe company while I take hold of my sanity (and check to see how much a crib tent will cost!)