A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a balled up sock

Sometimes, when I go through the house doing my chores, I feel like Robert Stack on that show Unsolved Mysteries (They’re doing a reboot!)

And what you are about to see is not a news broadcast.

The self matching socks

I know you’ve heard the one about socks that go missing in the wash, but what about socks that find one another? In the wash?!?!?! And fold themselves together ???!??!?!?!??!


Contortionist Toilet Paper

How does the roll even free itself from the spring loaded toilet paper holder bar? Where is the spring loaded toilet paper bar? How can I even get any toilet paper? So many questions.

TP .jpg

Multiplying Easter Egg Dying Kits

I thought they were supposed to be eggs, not rabbits! (Get it? Because rabbits are always multiplying?)

egg dyeing kits.jpg

Eggplants are weird

Why does this one have a nose?


Obviously for this purpose.

Eggplant illustration by Violet Ferranti

Eggplant illustration by Violet Ferranti

A meditation on the vagaries of time

Fannie packs. They used to go on your fannie and they were very goofy and purely functional. The only way anyone ever used a fanny pack was because their mom nagged them into it. But that was when I was a teen. Now my daughters are teens and fannie packs are fashion statements. They are not on fannies. What caused this change of heart on the once reviled fanny pack? As Robert Stack once said “For every mystery, someone somewhere knows the truth . . . .perhaps it’s you.

fannie packs.jpg