A realistic summer bucket list (in hindsight)

We’re drawing to the end of summer, it seems, and I came across an adorable printable that was going around our local Facebook Group a few months ago:

Cute, right?

Cute, right?

I kinda remember thinking back in May or June that it seemed likely we could find something on this list to do, maybe even a bunch of things. I could get a cork board and put it there, right int he kitchen, and we would gather around it each day, checking things off and planning to do other things!

Then I woke up from this dream and assessed the situation. Sure, writing a story and illustrating it seems right in our wheelhouse, but let’s be honest. No one is gathering in the kitchen. There is no gathering with teens. I get about 3 minutes of facetime at dinner with everyone all at once. And that’s only if I can misquote a meme or humiliate myself in some other way they find funny enough that their extended laughter keeps them at the table longer than the 30 seconds it takes to consume dinner.

But that’s not to say we didn’t complete some kind of bucket list. This is the stuff we got to this summer. The good news is, you can still fit it into your summer right now!

  1. Spend thousands of hours viewing youtube videos/watching shows that are marginally inappropriate on Netflix/”just looking” at TIcTok.

  2. Decide to go out for lunch and then disagree over the lunch spot for so long that everyone has eaten leftovers from the fridge

  3. Leave dirty dishes in the sink

  4. Not take the dog on a walk

  5. Think about catching fireflies but get caught up thinking about how we are destroying their habitat so they will soon be gone along with honey bees, residents of Venice, Italy who don’t rent their homes on Air BnB and, you know, humanity.

  6. Nag mom until she drives you to a waterpark.

  7. Nag mom until she buys a leash for the pet chicken. (I guess some of you need to get a chicken first, so get on that!)

  8. Clean the kitchen, make the beds, do the laundry. Repeat. Does that count as taking the kids to work?

In the end, I know I am being cynical. And when I really scrutinize that list, we did do a bunch of stuff. I count 25, including having a picnic and riding a ferris wheel. We’ve had fun, and now, I’m off to watch a thunderstorm, and then make and sail paper boats and go kayaking. A girl can dream, can’t she?