A Change of Scenery (book review)

banner A Change of Scenery was written by Debra Parmley.  This post was organized by N K Author Services.  I was provided with a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

AChangeofScenery_LRGBelly dancer Cyree Heat is headed from Memphis to the Caribbean for a vacation after a horrible divorce. A Change of Scenery is just what she needs to forget her troubles. At the Atlanta shuttle station she is handed a letter, which says she cannot board the Zuilund Super Shuttle until she receives an injection of Sendot, a new drug that prevents a new deadly gastrointestinal illness. She stops in a shuttle lounge on her way to check in and gets locked inside the wrecked deserted room with no one to hear her calling and no cell phone service.

Navy SEAL Warren West finds Cyree locked in the lounge. Soon they are on the run from the agency because she missed her injection and shuttle and is now on the list. Is a change of scenery what she needs or is it Warren?



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My review:

Was this the best book I've ever read?  Not so much.  The writing is good.  The story is good.  (I imagine Warren West would be quite pleased with my use of his word; good.)

That said?  I really enjoyed this little story.  It was short, but full of action and suspense... with just enough of a bump into the future (2035) to give it a little bit of a "sci fi" feel.  The author also did a pretty amazing job of answering any questions I would have during the story.  She filled in holes as she went along.  (Why was Warren just there in the deserted lounge? What was up with the Sendot injections really? Why were the "bad guys" interested in a belly dancer anyway?)  The story line really flowed well while circling around to answer all of my questions before the story ended.  Well... except my one big questions... what are they doing next?????  I need to know!!!

I have to say...   I'm a little disappointed in Cyree's immediate trust in Warren.  She was totally oblivious to her ex-husband being a cheating asshole.  You would think after he totally screwed her in their marriage and in their divorce she would be a little more cautious about the hot stranger sweeping her off her feet to safety.  BUT... I totally get why she just fell into trusting Warren.  I would totally trust him too.  He's just... "good".  (Thanks Warren... I think I'm going to be using "good" in my conversation more often now.)

About the author:

CCF12182014_00000Debra Parmley is an author whose goal is to spread love, one story at a time. Happiest writing in more than one genre, her published works to date are in the genres of western historical romance, 1920’s romance, contemporary romance, futuristic romance, paranormal romance and poetry. Debra enjoys writing, reading, coaching her writing students, medieval re-enactment events and world travel. Her work as a travel consultant gave her the opportunity to visit many countries and the theme of travel often appears in her work.

Her three favorite things are dark chocolate, visiting the beach and ocean, and hearing from her readers. Each letter, card and email is a treasured gift, like finding that perfect shell upon the beach.

Visit www.debraparmley.com for more about Debra and her work as well as her interviews with cover models in Cover Model Corner. Readers who sign up for her newsletters are eligible for her insider contests not available elsewhere.

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