Girl Scout Encampment 2014



A couple of weeks ago, I headed out into the middle of nowhere (in Stillwater Township, NJ) with Zoe & 7 other 4th grade Girl Scout Juniors, and one of my co-leaders.  We joined the rest of the troops in the Madison/Harding Service Unit for the 2014 Encampment at Camp Lou Henry Hoover.  It's the 2nd year we've gone with our troop... and while I would do just about anything to avoid camping of any sort... Zoe had an absolute blast with the rest of the girls.

Encampment is Friday night through Sunday morning... but we only stayed Friday night through Saturday after camp fire.  (One night in a cabin in the woods with a bunch of girls is more than enough.)  The girls absolutely love "sleeping" in the cabin in the bunk beds (staying up late giggling... waking up early giggling).  I will speak for all of the moms and say we DO NOT like sleeping in those bunk beds.  I spent all of Saturday feeling hung over (without the benefit of enjoying a single drop of any adult beverages).  Thank goodness the camp provided plenty of coffee... or we may not have made it through that day.

The girls had an amazing time on Saturday.  They filled the day with as many activities as they could.  Boating, hiking, crafts, archery, low ropes, and field games.  The squeezed in breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They ended their day with a campfire... and of course, S'MORES.  What girl scout wouldn't find encampment totally amazing?  I know Zoe can't wait for next year.  She's even like to stay for 2 nights.

Maybe by next year I'll have blocked out how I feel about those bunk beds so I'll agree we can go again.  Or... once again... I'll just accept that it's an awesome experience and head on up to Camp Hoover again.

Have you ever attended a Girl Scout camping trip?  Any great adventures to share?