8 years

8 years ago today I put on a big poofy dress and walked down the aisle to start my life with Nick.  We were surrounded by about 180 of our family and friends as we were married and then celebrated the beginning.

It is amazing how long and how short 8 years can seem.  8 years has definitely made a difference.  For one thing... 8 years ago we certainly were younger (and thinner).

We had a vision of what our life would be and we've worked for 8 years to be where we are now. I have to say our life isn't quite as I pictured (stay at home mom??? where did that come from?) but it is a pretty near perfect life.  We have 2 beautiful and healthy daughters.  We have a comfortable house in a wonderful neighborhood.  Nick has a good job that he likes.  We have close friends.  We have our family.  We have each other.

I have a husband I love... and who loves me.  I am a lucky woman.

Could we really ask for more out of 8 years?

Happy Anniversary Nick!!!  Here's hoping the next 8 years are as wonderful and as easy as the first 8.  I love you!