7 Ways to Score a Touchdown at Your Big Game Party!

The Superbowl is not that big a deal in our house.  We tend to be more about half time... and the puppy bowl.  That said... when invited to Superbowl parties, we've really enjoyed Superbowl Sunday.  I think football (and most other sports) is more about enjoying the social aspect.  I get excited when other people are excited.  I've have my share of fun at live games (from professional to Zoe & Ana's softball games).  The cheering, the excitement, the stress, the anticipation... and the food.  Because really... are you allowed to have a Superbowl party without the food??? I received an email from Stop & Shop about game day party prep... and I'm starting to think I might need to plan a Superbowl Party just so I can try out their amazing tips and recipes!  I'm so glad they sent me their info to share with you.

Did you know the Big Game on Sunday, February 7th ranks as the second largest food consumption day behind Thanksgiving? As you prepare for your upcoming football festivities, Stop & Shop is helping shoppers save time, save money and eat well with its top seven game day tips.

· Punt procrastination and plan ahead.

Make a list of what you need to buy and also when you need to prepare it. Many dips and entrees can be prepared ahead of time so you’re not stuck in the kitchen on game day. Check out the latest edition of Stop & Shop’s Savory magazine available in-store and online to round out your menu with new and easy recipes.

· Feed the 12th man with fan favorites.

In the two weeks before the big game, Stop & Shop will sell more than one million chicken wings in addition to plenty of soda, chips, dips and other snacks. Because of the popularity, check the weekly circular as many of these snacking favorites are on sale leading up to kick-off!

· Onside options with Own Brand products.

Stop & Shop just launched a new line of its Limited Time Originals highlighting the flavors of maple bacon. More than 50 products are available and include such varieties as bacon and maple ripple potato chips, bacon moonshine BBQ sauce, bacon wrapped beef franks stuffed with jalapeno and cheddar, and bacon flavored cashews and almonds. Or grab some Nature’s Promise snacks, free from unnecessary artificial ingredients, such as artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

· Healthy huddle at the buffet.

Believe it or not, according to the NPD Group, a market research firm that tracks Americans’ eating habits, veggies are the #1 food eaten in homes for the game during the last 30 years. Balance your plate by filling half of it with a variety of available fruits and vegetables and look for lean protein and whole grains. You can still enjoy some of your favorite dishes; just take small portions to sample.

· Two points for safety.

Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold to prevent bacteria growth. If something has been out for two hours, refrigerate it promptly. When in doubt, throw it out.

· Great Entertaining time out.

For those who may need an extra hand in the kitchen, Stop & Shop makes game day preparation easy with a selection of Great Entertaining party trays, including sandwiches, wings, fried chicken, desserts and more available to order. Visit Stop & Shop’s Great Entertaining website or order in-store at the deli, bakery, seafood or meat departments.

· Extra point for exercise.

Arrange the buffet in another room to encourage guests to walk around and not remain glued to the couch. Or plan a family-friend game of touch football beforehand.

For more party planning tips, visit www.stopandshop.com.

Light Spinach Dip (click pic for recipe)
Light Spinach Dip (click pic for recipe)

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