7 Creative Activities for Mommy-Baby Bonding


The family that does things together stays strong together. Yes, it may be a cliche, but it still rings true. That is why, as a mother, you always strive to spend as much time as you can with your children. They grow up too fast, and you want to create many memories that can last a lifetime in their memory bank. 

Now you’re scouring the corners of the internet for activities that you can do with your baby. You want to do something special for your planned bonding time, but you’ve run out of ideas.

Fear not, supermom. The idea desk is here to rescue you. Choose an activity from the list below, or do them all; the choice is yours. 

Showcase Your Love with a Family Memento 

Create personalized family photo books with the little ones. No need to be messy though because there is a modern solution just for you. Avail of the services of an online photo-book creator to have a stunning album.

All you have to do are to upload the photos, decide how it should look, click a few more buttons, and then you’re done. What are you waiting for? Start delving into your digital gallery with the children, and start choosing the memorable moments together. 

Be Crafty with a Scrapbook 

If you want to show off your arts and crafts skills, then what better way to do it than by starting a scrapbooking project. Think of the theme of the scrapbook, and plan your moves with your child.

Once you have all the details settled, prep the materials that you need, like scissors, specialty papers, glue, ribbons, and other things. You can easily get these craft supplies online from a trusted retailer. What do you say? Start the cutting, gluing, and creating the family scrapbook right away. 

Go on a Movie Date with a Twist 

Revisit the old fairy-tale land, or play some new movies that your little children will love. But don’t be a regular moviegoer this time. Instead, dress up with costumes even when you’re just at the comfort of your home.

Everyone can be who they want to be for the whole duration of the movie date. And no, you don’t need to buy costumes to enjoy the activity. Open the closets, and you can mix and match the clothes you already have to transform yourself and your little ones. Most importantly, don’t forget to prepare some snacks for munching too. 

Whip Up Some Quality Time in the Kitchen 

Are you into cooking or baking? Let your kids try what you do in the kitchen by partnering with them in cooking their favorite meal or baking a yummy, sweet treat.

They can take care of the simple tasks like mixing the dough or measuring the ingredients without too much risk of cutting or burning themselves. If you’re that worried, you can child-proof the whole kitchen before the date of your bonding moment. 

Direct Your Own Puppet Show 

Be inspired by a favorite TV show or children’s story, and then organize your own stick-puppet show. Just put up a cardboard-box theater with your children, print some characters, and glue them on a stick.

Decide whether who plays who and who does what, and voilà, you have your own show to run and enjoy at the same time. Set up some lamps, and place them in strategic corners for dramatic lighting. Hook up the speakers to have a great background music, or you can even play some ambient sounds, if you want to put an all-out show.

Don’t you just love the moment? And if you want some audience, maybe you can invite your kids’ neighborhood friends too. 

Be One with Nature inside Your Garden 

There are a lot of gardening ideas that you can try with your kids. It doesn’t have to be a fancy project, and you don’t need to spend too much on it.

For instance, a simple yard cleaning with a little arranging of existing pots will do. Or you can plant some succulents in a pot and take them inside the house as additional decorations to spruce up any space. 

Get Ready to Have Fun!

You see, with these activity ideas, you can have a meaningful weekend or two with your little angels. They encourage your young ones to be creative and cooperative. Moreover, these little pursuits also inspire them to think of out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to doing family projects that you can do together. How wonderful your time can be during these bonding moments. 

Make sure you capture some of the moments while you’re at it. Enjoy every part of it as the opportunity presents itself. At times, it may be hard to juggle the responsibility of raising good children and just being there for them, but you will manage. You’re a supermom, after all. Have fun! 

Photo URL: https://www.pexels.com/photo/boy-child-childhood-happiness-235554/