5 Reasons to Blog

Shauna over at Pass the Chocolate tagged me for a meme.... 5 reasons why I blog.

The rules are simple. List 5 reasons that you enjoy blogging, and then tag 5 people. No tag backs, and please let the people you tag know that they were tagged.

Why do I blog?
1. I started out just reading other people's blogs. I became addicted to reading about other people. I first started thinking of doing my own blog when I would comment on blogs I read and would have to leave the little box asking for your site blank. I kept wishing I could fill that box. I finally decided to start my own blog when I sent a photo contest link to Tracy at Picture This. She asked if I had a site so she could give me credit for my find. I didn't, and really wished I did. So... I sat down that day and started blogging.
2. It's an easy way to document day to day happenings. A journal with no paper and pen. (we're just going to LOVE looking back at Zoe stories, and some day... maybe we'll even laugh at stories about bathroom remodelling!!!)
3. It's a nice way to let family and friends know what we're up to. They can just click in at their own convenience and check up on us.
4. It's a great way to find other people who have similar interests, similar lives, similar thoughts. I have "met" so many interesting people online. I especially enjoy finding other moms who post things that give me moments of "ME TOO!!!"
5. Receiving comments gives me a little "excitement" every day. No matter how many I get... the message saying "New Comment..." gives me a little burst of "yeah!"

I'm going to leave my "tags" open. I feel like everyone has done this meme. If you are reading, and you haven't done it, and you'd like to... leave me a comment and I'll tag you and add a link here!
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