Today... Zoe is 5. 

5 whole years old.

I sometimes can't believe my baby can be 5 years old.  No where near 5 years old.  I mean...  I swear she was just this teeny tiny baby.  This little bundle they handed me after she was born.

But she is 5 years old.  She is every single bit of 5. 

She is sweet and sensitive.

She is attitude and trouble.

She is a performer with a talent for giving it her all.

She is a friend to everyone she meets... greeting everyone with her contagious smile.

She is oh so serious.

She is oh so silly.

She has that extreme joy and happiness that comes from being 5.  (And that extreme drama and grief that comes from being 5!)

She can do everything by herself... and is oh so proud.  But... she can also melt down at a moments notice over the smallest thing and nothing can calm her except a big full hug.

She sometimes makes me crazy... but I love this girl to pieces.  She can make me laugh until my stomach hurts.  Her silliness can give me the giggles.  She can make me weep with pride.  She can push my buttons and make me furious.  She can smile and make me melt. 

I am one lucky Mama.

Happy Birthday Zoe!  You are growing up too fast for your Mommy... but I am so proud of the big 5 year old you are!