3 Ways To Make School Functions Saner



The end of the year is coming up quickly, so here are my 3 rules to follow to make school recitals and concerts  so much saner! Let me present:

Sanity Saving Suggestions for School Functions

1. wear brightly colored clothing so your child can see you in the audience. 2. always sit in one of the first 3 rows so your child can easily find you in the audience. 3. agree upon a meeting place for after the event - so you can easily find your child.

Doing even one of these will make the entire event run smoother for all involved. Be sure to remember them the next time you are invited to a school concert/play/recital.

What does your family do to make these events even easier and more enjoyable?

(Do you think I should wear the elephant suit to my son's high school graduation? It certainly would be easy to find me!)

Ttfn!.....  Mrs. C.

Evelyn Cucchiara - mom of 3, seeker of fun and a whiz at organizing you playroom! With her company, The Toy Tamer, she gives families back both their time & their sanity by transforming the playroom from mess to success, for now and forever! See before & afters at www.TheToyTamer.com.