The Scoop on Short Stories


There's something about Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub. It reminds me of The Shop Around The Corner in You've Got Mail. I sense the familial love that made the storefront possible as soon as I walk in the door. Against stacks of books, near piles of local product, there's an acute authentic vibe that celebrates literature and locality.

On Friday I hosted a fika at Short Stories. Aside from writing for A Madison Mom, I've recently embarked on a new project that celebrates the art of conversation and creativity. To be honest, when I decided to host an event I could think of no better space than Short Stories. This place is a hidden gem. While their social calendar and inventory are ever present on social media and throughout the store, I'm convinced we all need to fall deeper in love with the store's existence.

It's a writer's dream, a reader's safe haven, and a shopper's paradise. It's so much more than atmosphere or experience, it's a true example of community engagement and investment.

As a mom with two little ones, I appreciate the Disney Story Time for Toddlers. I also love the chance to meet and delve deeper into writing with peers at events like fika. As a citizen, I value the store's presence in initiatives like Paint the Town  Yellow.

There's something sacred about a place that caters to needs and creates desires. Short Stories offers innovative series and events that cultivate citizenship and curate change. There's an "if you build it they will come" history to this place, which is evident within the walls.

Part of what makes this town special is the extension of places beyond expectation. Short Stories doesn't solely exist for selling. There's a focus on outreach, education, and entertainment that sets it apart from others.

My three-year old's introduction to the bookshop experience has become legendary. She not only receives service, stickers, and smiles at Short Stories, but she has become completely enthralled by the setting. If you ask me, we should all be so lucky to have a place that magnifies the magic of reading and discovery.

Check out their story times, enjoy the open mics, and savor the plethora of projects they have going on. As you know from last week, I'm on a real shop local kick. But, it's actually much more than a shopping trip or visit. Places like Short Stories are what make Madison extra special. Let's preserve that uniqueness and keep it going for the littlest readers in our ranks.